Say hello to the future of geofence marketing.

Revolutionise the way you target and reach new or existing customers today in a way never been seen before!

Don’t let customers pass you by!

Giving businesses the power compete.

Meet the face of global direct digital marketing, breaking down the conventional barriers of limiting advertising space. We harness the latest geo-tagging technology to level the playing field. No limits, no upfront costs, and no red tape.

Introducing GeoRewards™.

Attract customers with exclusive offers.

Market your business by sharing eye-opening GeoRewards™ with customers. From discounts to buy-one-get-one-free deals, the choice is completely yours.

Make campaigns shareable and unlock their hidden potential. Peer-to-peer sharing means offers can grow and grow.

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The perks of using Geo for Business.

Experience the limitless potential of direct digital marketing. Geo puts the power in business owners’ hands with phenomenal perks.

Experience Limitless Reach

Level the Playing

Outsmart the Competition

Go Greener with Promotions

Unlock the Potential of Offers

Target customers like never before.

Enjoy cutting-edge geofencing technology at your fingertips! Reach potential customers based on their real-time geographical location and personal interests.

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Directly into the hands of customers.

Geo for Business helps you put your offers directly into customers’ hands. Powered by geofence technology, our marketing platform gives you the chance to reach audiences in real-time.

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