Take a look at the new face of direct digital marketing.

Next gen direct
digital marketing platform.

Place your ads directly into the hands of customers. Direct digital marketing is the paperless alternative to traditional print. Set up your digital campaign and position it over a precise geographical location.

Harness the power of

Cast your net small over high-value areas and pinpoint specific customers. Don’t waste your efforts on low-value campaigns. Simply, micro-target geographical locations, such as high footfall areas and competitor premises.

Better return on

No red tape, no upfront costs, no problem. Gain a better return on investment (ROI) with a simple pay-per-impression system. Avoid wasting time and effort on low-value impressions and embrace the power of targeting specific customers.

Create GeoRewards™
customers love.

Create engaging, vibrant GeoRewards™ potential customers love. Choose a category and target customers interested in your service or product. Take complete control. Select multi-use or single-use and then shareable or unshareable.

And it's all…


Track every impression and return through our easy-to-use Campaign Manager. Get useful insights including the amount of GeoRewards™ opened and redeemed in real-time. Measure your progress and adapt your campaigns to gain more.

Revolutionise the way you market with Geo for Business.

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