6 Small Business Marketing Ideas for Retailers

Marketing Know-How
July 1, 2020
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Marketing Know-How

6 Small Business Marketing Ideas for Retailers

May 1, 2020

Promoting a retail business doesn’t have to be time-consuming and costly! No matter what size of enterprise you’re running, you can use some of the best small business marketing ideas for retailers to win customers.

Becoming more creative with your marketing ideas will enable you to reach more people and boost your sales. So, how can you get started? Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these six ideas for inspiration.

1. Give customers a reason to visit your shop

First things first, you need to give customers a reason to walk through the door. Cultivating a space that’s inviting to passers-by will help you get them into the shop.

There are a few ways to get this right. One of the simplest ways to attract attention is with your displays and window dressings. Don’t scrimp here. Take the time to consider what your shoppers are looking for and how you can entice them in with your product line.

When customers are in the shop, they need a reason to stay. One of the most effective small business marketing ideas for retailers is to create an experience.

For example, you may want to run an in-store promotion in which customers have the opportunity to win prizes and discounts. Alternatively, you could set up a promo stand showing off items.

2. Use the geofence marketing techniques

How do you reach customers when they’re on-the-go? Traditionally, you might use print advertising or media to target people on the street.

For instance, you could run a campaign and have promotional staff physically handing out flyers or vouchers for your shop. While that approach may win you customers, it’s not always the most cost-effective.

Rather than using the old-school technique, why not harness the power of geofence marketing. The new-wave direct digital marketing means that you can send promotions to users’ phones anywhere, anytime.

Research suggests that Brits check their phone an average of every 12 minutes. That means that you can reach thousands of people in real-time. Using a system, such as Geo for Business, is a savvy place to start.

3. Make sure that you’re searchable locally

Can local customers find your shop quickly and easily? Capture this market and you will have returning customers, which are worth their weight in gold.

Ensure that your shop has a Google Business page that’s 100% up-to-date with the latest information about your brand. You should regularly ensure that the basics—such as opening hours, the phone number, and address—are checked and edited as needed.

However, things don’t end there! You can also ensure that you start locally relevant within your advertising; whether it’s digital or direct. Utilising local dialect or language is a smart way to reach audiences in your area.

When it comes to small business marketing ideas for retailers, you shouldn’t overlook this approach. Emphasising the local nature of your brand will endear you to potential customers and enable you to win a strong following.

4. Enhance your business signage

Never overlook the power of business signage. 76% of customers said they had entered a shop they had never visited before simply because of its signage, according to stats from FedEx.

When you first set up your retail business, you may not have had a massive budget for the exterior. However, if you have the cash-flow to do so, taking the time to update your signage and ensure that it’s as eye-catching as possible is a great move.  

5. Celebrate national days and holidays

Do you celebrate National Pie Week? How about International World Day? Maybe you are a huge fan of Health Awareness Month instead. When it comes to small business ideas for retailers, take the time to look into national days and holidays. You can run engaging campaigns off the back of these events, which help you to draw customers to your shop.

Needless to say, you should consider which of these events align with your business. If your brand has an emphasis on being sustainable and green, you may want to focus on national days linked to this topic. Strategise ways to make the most out of each campaign or day. You may want to offer promotions, discounts, or run a competition that aligns well.

6. Create a winning loyalty program

Three-quarters of the British population are a member of a loyalty program, according to information from YouGov. Put simply, Brits are not averse to signing up to loyalty schemes, so long as they get a good return on their efforts.

As a small business owner, you may not have considered launching a card or membership system for your customers. However, incentivising customers to come back could be one of the smartest small business ideas for retailers. It’s low-cost and may be highly effective if you get it right.

To put things into perspective, the chance of selling a product to an existing customer is much higher than selling to a new customer.

Research suggests that 60-70% of commercial sales come from loyal customers, while only 5-20% comes from new customers. When you’re planning your small business marketing ideas and schedule, ensure that you take this into consideration. Spend time holding onto existing leads.

The Takeaway!

Ready to give your business a boost? Use these small business ideas for retailers as a jumping-off point. See which ones work for you and your current needs. It’s worth remembering that the more time you dedicate to promoting your shop, the better the results will be. Make this a part of your everyday activities and get started now.

Don’t let customers pass you by!
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